This time last year we had not yet said the word “WitFoo” for the first time. Over the span of several months, 15 volunteers banded together to start looking for ways to mature the craft of incident response. The diverse group of volunteers came from industries including security vendors & providers, public sector, military, law enforcement, manufacturing & academia. In the time since, we have tested dozens of hypotheses on violent networks ranging from world class universities to the Fortune 500. The results prompted us to form a company and start delivering solutions that can allow incident responders to win and to clearly communicate with executives in a way that can transform the organization. We also spun up a not-for-profit organization, WitFoo Institute, to fund research grants, support open source tools & data and eventually provide scholarships & internships to increase occupational diversity in Information Security.

On December 16th, we will hold our public launch event in Rosemont, IL. Over two dozen organizations from the Fortune 2000 will be joining us along with industry thought leaders. The agenda includes:

  • General availability (GA) announcement & demonstration of our flagship product, Precinct.
  • Closed beta testing opens for our free big-data logging & analysis platform, Evidence Locker
  • Featured keynote from Dell-EMC CISO, Matt McCormack
  • Networking happy hour with security professionals & visionaries
  • A private screening of Star Wars: Rogue One

If you would like to join us, grab your tickets (while they last) here:

It’s been an exhilarating few months & its hard to believe we’re just getting started.

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