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GRC & Business Reporting

Translate Splunk data into Compliance, Readiness and Business Reporting in minutes. Validate adherence to standards from NIST, CIS, PCI, ISO and HIPAA while validating tool efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Data Overflow

WitFoo is priced by employee seats with no limits on data ingestion rates. Approaches from Natural Language Processing (NLP) remove the need to create parsers. This allows data not covered by Splunk licensing to be processed and stored in WitFoo Solutions.

XDR & Graph Theory

Combining the time-tested approaches from physical law enforcement with modern advances in NLP, machine learning, graph theory and data science, WitFoo Precinct processes Splunk data into fully incidents based on potential kill-chains and crime theories.

Compliance Reporting
Artifact Data Overflow
Incident Dashboard

Simple Integration and Rapid Results

Splunk Integration in Precinct

Solutions powered by WitFoo can be connected to Splunk head-end servers (both Enterprise and Cloud) through a simple API integration. Overflow data can be sent to WitFoo Streamer via syslog on 514/tcp/udp or 6514/tls, NetFlow/IPFIX on 2055/udp and Beats Agent data on 5044/tls. WitFoo SOAR supports OpenAPI to integrate with other data sources.

Self Hosted

WitFoo Precinct can be deployed on premise, in hypervisors, on physical hardware and in public and private cloud.

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Microsoft Hyper-V

Managed Solutions

Hosted and managed service offerings from WitFoo Service Partners leverage industry expertise with the power of WitFoo technology.


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