Multi-tenant Ready XDR Platform

WitFoo Precinct is a multi-tenant SIEM/XDR/SOAR built to meet the needs of the managed service provider.

Managed Service Provider (MSSP)


Precinct pricing is based on seats, not data, delivering predictable costs.

Low Infrastructure Cost

Modern data pipelines coupled with an intentionally efficient design deliver the industry’s smallest hardware requirements, up to 16x more efficient than traditional SIEM solutions. This allows for predictable and affordable long-term retention and searchability at scale.

Hands-Off Maintenance

Licensing includes creation and maintenance of integrations, parsers and rules.











MSP/MSSP Benefits

WitFoo Precinct provides a wide range of features to enable MSP/MSSP partners to deliver industry leading features to their customers at the lowest cost of sale and support.

  • Minimize costs with predictable licensing and unlimited, linear scale
  • Intelligence, Integrations, and Logic updates included
  • Flexible, Shared & Federated Multi-tenancy
  • Analytics reduce Mean-Time-To-Know (MTTK)/Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR) at lowest cost, reducing analyst burden
  • Response playbooks customized to tenant
  • Tenant Cost prediction/modeling ahead of services
  • Big Data, SOAR, Analysis & Search Features
  • SECOPS Business Dashboards
  • Pull-through of additional product and services
  • Unlimited Training & Certifications via WitFoo Community
  • Performance & Stability Monitoring by WitFoo Operations
  • Any combination of cloud, hypervisor, hosted or managed deployments