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Transparent Pricing


Pricing based on number of employees.

Universal pricing model applies for all WitFoo Reseller Partners.

Special pricing available for public sector, 501c organizations.

Included In Pricing

WitFoo Precinct is built to work on launch with no professional services or new maintenance labor. Precinct is turn-key and ready to deliver sustainable, cost-contained value to all organizations.


  • Unlimited Nodes/Instances

  • Unlimited Data Rates & Retention

  • Ongoing Creation and Maintenance of Custom Message Parsers & API Integrations

  • Updates to WitFoo Library definitions for detection, integrations and playbooks

  • Unlimited Training & Certifications via WitFoo Community

  • Global Threat Intelligence Feed Updates

  • Performance & Stability Monitoring by WitFoo Operations

  • Big Data, SOAR, Analysis & Search Features

  • SECOPS Business Dashboards

  • Analysis Logic Updates

  • Any combination of cloud, hypervisor, hosted or managed deployments

WitFoo Precinct Pricing Choices

WitFoo Pricing comes in two cost-contained pricing models to choose from: Employee or CPU Core. These flexible & transparent models both include WitFoo integration and monitoring services.

Note: Only one licensing model is used in a WitFoo deployment (you do not pay for both.)

CPU Core Pricing

CPU Core licensing is based on the number of CPU Cores used on WitFoo Precinct deployments. The cost is $5,000 per year per CPU Core. No discounts are extended on the CPU Core licenses.

— OR —

Employee Pricing

An employee is a human that has an email or connects to non-guest networks. This is normally employees and regular contractors in an organization.

Volume discounts on Employee licenses below. Additional discounts are extended on term and purchasing from a WitFoo Certified Partner.


Number of employeesPricing (per employee, per year)

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Cloud hosting is available through AWS Marketplace , GCP Marketplace , Azure Marketplace and Oracle Marketplace

Managed SIEM/SOAR is available through CyberOpz

Hardware Appliance is available through Roqos

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