Security Readiness

Comprehensive Security Operations Platform

Fully functioning global deployments in less than an hour that collect, store, analyze, automate, orchestrate and explain all components of a successful security practice.

Business Metrics

From Bytes to the Board of Directors

WitFoo Precinct consumes and processes all cybersecurity data to make it useful for everyone in the organization from the junior investigator to the CEO allowing for meaningful, transformational conversations across the broader business.

Expertise Delivered

Crowdsourced from Security Community

Technology powered by the collective genius of global security experts. Precinct learns new innovations from the leading operators and exercises those approaches within the entire community .

Cybersecurity Renaissance

Best Practices married with Innovation

Built from the ground up by veterans of cybersecurity, big-data, law enforcement and the US military, Precinct merges the best of the security craft  while learning from time tested approaches of more venerable crafts.

Simple, Cost-contained Pricing

Customer Focused Pricing

Simple, transparent, haggle-free pricing that is cost-contained to the network size.

WitFoo Precinct

Building on time-tested approaches and principles from law enforcement, WitFoo combines the best features and capabilities of SIEM, Incident Response Platforms, Security Orchestration & Automation and Big Data Analytics to deliver actionable data for everyone from the junior investigator to the CEO. WitFoo Precinct learns the logic and processes of investigators to augment and automate their work. It’s next-level gear for the good guys.

Solving the Side-effects of SIEM

SIEM was created to solve critical pain points in cybersecurity operations: event storage, prioritization and reporting. In solving these problems, new challenges were created: noise, labor and cost. WitFoo solves these shortcomings by combining the best of SIEM, analytics, cybersecurity investigator knowledge and practices from Law Enforcement to provide a comprehensive platform for cybersecurity operations.


Enhance or Replace

For customers with existing SIEM or log storage solutions, WitFoo Precinct integrates in seconds to provide instant value. For organizations looking for a big-data stack that works out of the box, WitFoo Precinct is up to the task.

WitFoo Precinct instantly leverages all of the existing security architecture investment via syslog, NetFlow or API connectors.

Innovative Pricing

Simple, no-haggle, cost-contained pricing makes it easy to justify an investment in WitFoo Precinct. Visit the Pricing Calculator to receive an instant quote.

WitFoo Precinct self-tunes and learns, never having to utilize professional services to deliver value.


Immediate Effect

Precinct will accept any source and automatically parse and store it in a common taxonomy. The data is constantly evaluated using the best approaches of industry experts while utilizing time tested approaches from law-enforcement to deliver constant and continuous value to the security team. As work is being performed, detailed business metrics are generated to drive meaningful conversations with the broader business.

Business Analytics for Security Operations

WitFoo supports managers in measuring what matters in making critical investment decisions and in quantifying the value of their teams in context of business.

Key metrics on the business contribution of IR teams

Telemetry on which tools are contributing to investigative success

Enables data-driven management of security operations

Advancing the Craft for the Next Era of Incident Response

Today’s security leaders face challenges that extend beyond technology to people and process. We’ve combined time-tested strategies used by criminal investigators and decades of experience leading cyber investigations. This fueled the design of our platform and the education and support we provide to customers and partners.

WitFoo Partner Program

We not only make Security Analysts and Managers successful, we make WitFoo Partners successful as well.
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