We make better gear for the good guys.

At WitFoo, we are relentlessly focused on solving the day-to-day challenges security teams face. We know the challenges, we’ve lived the challenges, and we’re changing the game.

Security, Leveled Up

Arm The Analyst

We arm cyber-security analysts with better gear that makes impossible workloads manageable.

Measure What Matters

We deliver reporting metrics with business context, fuel data-driven operations, and maximize your technology investments.

Mature the Craft

We help cyber-security professionals stabilize critical conversations, operationalize their practice, and mature their teams, while cultivating their craft.

What Do We Do?

WitFoo’s flagship product, Precinct, reduces operational noise and investigative time while providing key business metrics necessary to build successful security operations.

Precinct uses patent-pending technology to stitch together events from your existing security tools to draw comprehensive incidents using time-tested methods from Law Enforcement.

Evidence Locker receives and stores organizational facts transmitted via Syslog & NetFlow. Evidence Locker examines these facts looking for leads that may indicate a security incident. These leads are passed to Detective for further analysis.

Evidence Locker is built on infrastructure (Elasticsearch, Kafka, Cassandra) that allows extreme horizontal and vertical scale for long term data retention and analysis.

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