Reese Zomar, CEO 

Reese Zomar has taken the role as Chief Executive Officer of WitFoo. With 30 years of experience in leadership and cybersecurity expertise in the US Navy, Department of Treasury and Cisco Systems, Reese will accelerate public sector and enterprise relationships and revenue growth as WitFoo continues to expand. Reese has been a longtime supporter of WitFoo since 2016 as an early investor, Director, Chief Security Officer and Head of Channel Sales. 

Reese is a native of Denver, Colorado and a 1991 graduate of the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science Degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mathematics.  He was commissioned in the US Navy in May 1991 through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program and completed his Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in August 1992. Reese attained the rank of Captain in the US Navy, and his significant achievements include performing over 35 Cyber Security Inspections supporting U.S. Cyber Command Office of Compliance and Assessment’s Cyber Security Inspection and Certification Program (CSICP) and being the first embed CIO for the 7th fleet reserve unit.  His most recent Navy position was being hand picket to serve as the Deputy CIO of Pacific Fleet in 2018.  

In the civilian sector Reese worked as a Technical Advisor in Cybersecurity to the Department of Treasury Integrating IRS Security requirements into IT programs within the IRS.  He worked for Cisco Systems as an Information Assurance Specialist to an elite business analytic team combining knowledge of network security, networking, advanced analysis, and business process to transform business decision making.  Currently Reese is a Channel Manager for WitFoo Inc.   

Tim Bradford, Director and Secretary 

Co-founder Tim Bradford will continue to support WitFoo efforts as Director and corporate Secretary while pursuing other opportunities with semiconductor company, AMD. 

Michael Riforgiate, Executive Vice President of Operations and Treasurer 

Michael Riforgiate has been promoted from Operations Manager to Executive Vice President of Operations and corporate Treasurer. Michael has managed WitFoo operations with excellence since 2017. 

Michael is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and spent over a decade leading the process engineering team at a high-tech medical equipment manufacturing facility. 

Charles Herring, Chairman, President an, CTO 

Co-founder, Charles Herring continues as Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and Chief Technology Officer. 

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