In the coming weeks, beta testers will begin receiving a sneak peak of Precinct 6.0 (code name: Olivia Benson.) There a number of exciting leaps in our most advanced build.

Cassandra – Infinite Storage & Replication

A major shift in 6.0 is in the backend database. The following benefits come from a move to Cassandra.

  • Data retention limits are removed for infinite data scale. (Precinct 5.x has a hard limit of 64PB across 255 nodes.)
  • Full data replication for “always up” deployments. Updates can be applied to individual data nodes while others stay up/operational to prevent any down time of the cluster when maintenance needs to occur.
  • Precinct 6.x allows for infinite data rates through horizontal & vertical sizing of streamer & data nodes.
  • Cassandra also provides a distributed data architecture to allow subsequent Precinct releases to perform bleeding edge data research.
  • Query times are up to 50x faster than heavy use 5.x deployments.

Dojo – Codeless Orchestration & Automation

Dojo is a framework that provides a graphical interface for creating custom API integrations and custom automatic & manual workflows without the need to code. We are really excited about these features and much more will follow but below you will find a teaser.

New UI – Built on User Research

Based on hundreds of hours of user research, data analysis & feature requests, the user interface has been rebuilt from the ground up utilizing the most advanced frameworks. The interface is streamlined for security pros and optimized for modern browsers & platforms.


Beta testing is expected to start in September & conclude in October. Stay tuned for more updates and let us know if your organization would like to participate in the beta testing.

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