Cybersecurity expert, Chris Roberts, lamented earlier today in a LinkedIn post that he was offered a cybersecurity award for the low price of $1,200. His outrage prompted me to realize that most cybersecurity professionals and decision makers do not get the opportunity to see the evidence many of the “awards” in cybersecurity are bogus. I took a few minutes to search my email archives for some of the pay to play awards we have received in recent months.

We Won What?!?

In the recent entry, Triangulating a Sustainable Revolution, I explain the “why and how” of what makes WitFoo appear so weird to the cybersecurity market. Because of our mission and philosophies, we do not participate in unsustainable market behaviors that include pay-to-play awards and recognition.

We know for a fact that none of these institutions have tested our product or spoken to any of our employees, customers, partners, or advisors.

The Offenders List

Here is a (non-comprehensive) list of bogus awards we have won and the small price to allow re-reprints. For obvious reasons, I am not adding a hyperlink.

  • CIO Review Magazine – $3,000 for “One of the 20 Most Promising Cybersecurity Solution Providers 2020”
  • CIO Applications Magazine – $3,000 for “Top 10 Cyber Security Solution Providers 2021”
  • Enterprise Security Magazine – $3,000 for “Top 10 Security Analytics Solution Providers 2020”
  • MyTechMag – $3,000 for “Top 20 Pioneering CEOs of 2020”
  • Industry Tech Outlook Magazine – $1,800 for “10 Best Companies of 2020”
  • Industry Era Review Magazine – $1,800 for “Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For In 2020”
  • Enterprise Tech Success Magazine – $1,000 for “Top 20 Innovative Cybersecurity Solution Providers 2020”
  • Digitech-Insight – $1,200 for “Featured Company”
  • Government CIO Outlook – $3,000 for “Top 10 Government Tech Startups 2020”
  • Technology Innovators Media – $2,000 for “Top 20 Cyber Security Innovators in 2019”
  • Iconic Express Magazine – $1,500 for “Top Influential Leaders of 2023”
  • CLF Magazine – $1,800 for “Top 10 Inspiring CTO’s of 2023”
  • Pinnacle Tech Insights Magazine – $1,500 for “10 Best Security Leaders of 2023”

I hope this is a help in reducing spam in my inbox and delivering clarity on one of the symptoms of an unhealthy market.

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