WitFoo License Grant Application

WitFoo was founded to enable organizations to mature security operations. A large part of that is stabilizing the conversations between the security practice and the executive leadership. While WitFoo Precinct is able to assist in producing healthy conversations, some organizations are paralized in a “Catch 22” of not being able to get funding for WitFoo Precinct so they can start making positive change.

To assist our cybersecurity heroes, WitFoo allocates Licensing Grants to organizations that need a 6 or 12 month license to prove the value of WitFoo Precinct. For executive leadership, the License Grant will help justify a future investment in WitFoo while allowing for immediate, meaningful changes in security operations and policy.

Each month WitFoo allocates a number of licensing grants based on operating capital & revenue thresholds. If you are not approved on a given month, your application will roll over to the following month and based upon the merits of the application may be approved.

If you have any questions, please send them to support@witfoo.com or call the switchboard at  +1 (678) 203-9800.

WitFoo Precinct Licensing Grant Application

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  • How many active computers will WitFoo Precinct monitor in your network? We will use this to generate your license.
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