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WitFoo Precinct is a Diagnostic SIEM tool designed to bolster network security. Building on time-tested approaches and principles from law enforcement, Precinct combines the best features and capabilities of SIEM Security, Incident Response PlatformsSecurity Orchestration & Automation and Big Data Analytics (UEBA) to deliver actionable data for everyone from the junior investigator to the CEO. WitFoo Precinct learns the logic and processes of investigators to augment and automate their work, in order to provide robust network and information security. It’s next-level gear for the good guys.

A full product overview and demonstration of Precinct as a SIEM solution can be viewed on the Demo page ondemand_video.

Not ready to trial? – Kick the tires in our public sandbox. 

WitFoo Precinct has the industry’s most accessible, cost-contained pricing. A live quote can be obtained on the Pricing page attach_money.

Technical details, integrations and scaling information can be found on the Tech Specs page developer_board.


Key Benefits of WitFoo Precinct

  • Cost-contained, haggle-free pricing
  • Deploy in Cloud or On-Premise
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Simplified Searching
  • No parsers to configure or maintain
  • Business Metrics
  • Diagnostic Reporting
  • Threat Feed Included & Support for External Feeds
  • Unlimited Scale

Advanced Analytics Built on the Best Practices of Law Enforcement

WitFoo Precinct automatically understands and analyzes all messages in the context of the Modus Operandi of the attacker and stitches them together in an easy to understand unit of work that reduces response and resolutions times. View Demo ondemand_video

Advanced Analytics

Diagnostics Metrics of Tools & Readiness

Precinct provides detailed analysis on the effectiveness of the security tools and where gaps and overlaps exists. View Demo ondemand_video

Diagnostic Metrics

Easy to Configure Integrations

WitFoo Precinct integrates with dozens of log and API sources. Tech Specs page developer_board

WitFoo Precinct Integrations

Simplified Search

Precinct normalizes all messages while forensically preserving them. This provides effective searching without the need of learning a query language. View Demo ondemand_video

Precinct Search

Flexible Configuration Options

Precinct can deploy in a wide array of hyper-visors on-premise and in the cloud. Tech Specs page developer_board

WitFoo Precinct Deployment Options

Big Data SIEM

WitFoo Precinct has infinite scale for ingestion rates and data retention. Tech Specs page developer_board

Precinct Architecture

Security Orchestration

Precinct automates data analysis and automation of response in security response cycles. View Demo ondemand_video


Built by Veterans of US Military & Law Enforcement

WitFoo Precinct was founded by veterans of Law Enforcement and the US Military to empower the craft of cybersecurity operations. View Demo ondemand_video

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Cost-Contained Pricing

WitFoo believes in cost-contained, predictable and transparent pricing. Quotes can be obtained online, on the Pricing Page.

Not ready to trial? – Kick the tires in our public sandbox.