Managing the Business of Incident Response

We’re Laser-focused on Empowering Managers with Metrics that Matter
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Making Security Managers Successful

We make Information Security Managers successful by reducing the amount of noise in an enterprise while also reducing the amount of time spent in security investigations. This is all done while gathering and providing metrics to the greater business on how awesome your security team is.


WitFoo Operations Report demonstrated to assist managers explain the current state of all aspects of the security practice in language the broader business understands.


Metrics in Context of the Business

WitFoo Precinct supplies relevant metrics to help the practice communicate with executive leadership and stakeholders.
Empowers an ability to articulate the health and business contribution of the incident response organization.
Increases the ability to justify current and future investments by translating technical and operational data into business case rationale.

Data-Driven Operations

Precinct helps identify blind spots and deficiencies hidden in the noise or within the backlog of uninvestigated incidents.
Facilitates stronger, more intuitive communication between with direct reports through organic tracking of individual success metrics.
Establishes standardized measures for success and the progress indicators to guide decisions along the way.

Maximizing Technology Investments

Precinct analytics also provide visibility into the efficacy of existing security tools through standardized IR metrics (e.g. noise ratios, failure rates).
Validates performance of existing security tools and helps to identify opportunities to optimize or calibrate them.
Provides ability to evaluate and compare new tools in context of how strongly they work with existing infrastructure and aid effectiveness.