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What Do I Get With Precinct Cloud?

WitFoo Precinct Cloud – SIEM Software as a Service (SaaS) 

WitFoo Precinct Cloud is built to work on launch with no professional services or new maintenance labor. Precinct is turn-key and ready to deliver sustainable, cost-contained value to all organizations. 


  • All the features of WitFoo Precinct
  • Managed Hardware in Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.) 
  • Daily backups 
  • Multiple Availability Zones (AZ) for data 
  • 3 replicas of all data 
  • Unlimited Data Ingestion Rates
  • 1 year of raw data retention (additional years available at additional cost) 
  • Ongoing Creation and Maintenance of Custom Message Parsers & API Integrations 
  • Updates to WitFoo Library definitions for detection, integrations and playbooks 
  • Unlimited Training & Certifications via WitFoo Community 
  • Global Threat Intelligence Feed Updates 
  • Performance & Stability Monitoring by WitFoo Operations 
  • Big Data, SOAR, Analysis & Search Features 
  • SECOPS Business Dashboards 
  • Analysis Logic Updates 
  • Any combination of cloud, hypervisor, hosted or managed deployments. 

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