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Transparent Pricing


Pricing based on number of knowledge workers (users.) 

Universal pricing model applies for all WitFoo Reseller Partners.

Special pricing available for public sector, 501c organizations.

Base Pricing

Pricing is per knowledge worker. A knowledge worker is a human that has an email or connects to non-guest networks.

Volume pricing below is before additional discounts. Note, pricing increases 25% in 2021.


Number of knowledge workers/users Pricing (per user, per year)
1+ $75.00
100+ $67.50
250+ $63.00
500+ $51.00
1,000+ $45.00
2,500+ $34.50
5,000+ $24.00
10,000+ $16.50
25,000+ $10.50
50,000+ $7.50
100,000+ $4.50

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Hosted pay-as-you-go licensing is available through AWS Marketplace Azure Marketplace and Oracle Marketplace

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